What Is The "GreyArea"?

greyarea is a music label, brand and most importantly, perspective of being that physically, mentally and spiritually benefits all. I created the "greyarea" concept and logo back in early 2018 when creating my first EP titled "greyareaCHRISTIAN".

As you can see the logo consists of an intentionally drawn imperfect circle as a reminder to all that imperfection = I'm perfection. This is NO excuse to not make personal growth on all levels, but an example of how we will always be a "work in progress" on our own personal journeys back to Self. The black and white sides of the circle are symbolic of the polarity within everything we experience here on earth and also the dual nature of our individual being. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we have to acknowledge the fact that we all have both a light and dark side, but we tend to hide the dark side/shadow aspect of ourselves away until tempted into a place of no return of course. To be a balanced entity one must acknowledge, understand and embrace both the light and the dark because both exist and you wouldn't know one without the other ("from darkness came light"). Ignoring the shadow side of yourself does nothing but keep you in the dark about half of who you are, which then produces a lack of self control once that side is triggered.

The grey square in the middle represents "neutrality". When one remains at a neutral state of mind while experiencing the highs and lows of life, you obtain a birds eye view to realize the divinity and truth of all that life throws your way. This is a truly intelligent state of being that not only conserves strength and power, but also assists one in having the ultimate human experience. 

All in all it is a symbol of balance and power for all who embrace!

- C. Worsley