Soul Surfer

when it’s your turn to experience pain & suffering, accept and embrace it fully with open arms and no resistance knowing that it is just one side of the coin that eventually has to flip in which joy & pleasure exist on the opposite side. I know it gets tough/rough but the polarity of life will exists as long as we are here on earth, so it is in your best interest to learn how to ride the waves of life. steadily remaining balanced on your personal surfboard no matter what wave life may throw your way.


Song Recommendations To Shift Your Vibration

Maze - Joy and Pain

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

Navy Blue - Simultaneously Bleeding

Betty Wright - No Pain

Erykah Badu - Today (Earth Song)

Medhane - Affirmation #2

MIKE Feat. Earl Sweatshirt - Plz Don't Cut My Wings

Mach-Hommy - SELF LUH

B.O.B - Black Mirror

Kanye West - Ghost Town